This option is designed primarily for those who reside outside the greater Houston area. We prepare your Original Petition for Divorce, Waiver of Citation and Decree of Divorce. We provide you with general instructions on how to proceed and what to say in Court.

You will file the Original Petition with the District Clerk in the County where you live and you will pay the filing fee. This starts the mandatory 60 day waiting period. The filing fee is usually between $275 and $300, but you must contact your County Clerk to determine the exact cost. The filing fee is not included in our cost for the preparation of your documents.

You must obtain your spouse’s signature on the Waiver of Citation and Decree of Divorce. Your spouse must sign the Waiver of Citation in the presence of a Notary. At the end of the mandatory 60 day waiting period you will need to arrange a court date to go before the Judge in order to finalize your divorce. We will provide you with an example of your testimony to be presented when in Court. It is usually pretty straightforward as long as your spouse has signed the Waiver of Citation and Decree of Divorce.

However, this is not a good option if you know problems will arise. For those pursuing this option, you will be acting as your own attorney. I am not your attorney of record. Please understand that if you choose this option, we are not responsible for helping you if problems arise.

It is extremely important that you complete the divorce worksheet completely and accurately. We are not responsible for errors to your papers due to inaccurate or incomplete information.

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